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The Diagnostic Center works closely with communities to diagnose their unique public safety challenges and implement data-driven programs tailored to minimize future risks and enhance community strengths. Founded on a practice-based research model, the Diagnostic Center utilizes criminal justice research, program evaluations, local data and collaborative partnerships to help communities assess and address criminal justice, juvenile justice and victim services concerns. This comprehensive approach enables Diagnostic Specialists to provide government executives and community leaders with multi-jurisdictional, cross-disciplinary solutions. The level of data collection, stakeholder engagement and continued support necessary to evaluate and mitigate the factors contributing to a community’s public safety challenge is variable. As such, the Diagnostic Center’s offers customized technical assistance that differs in length depending on each community’s needs. To ensure that local and federal resources are appropriately utilized throughout the engagement, the Diagnostic Center offers three levels of service to communities – Short-Term, Comprehensive and Intensive. For more information on the Diagnostic Center’s levels of service, please see the below image:

If you believe that your community or organization can benefit from the Diagnostic Center’s technical assistance, please submit a request for assistance.

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