Relationship Building

People at a table working together

The Diagnostic Center engages external resources, such as federal agencies and universities, to help communities develop plans for enhancing the delivery of justice and safety. Providing coordinated support is central to the Diagnostic Center’s training and technical assistance. By identifying and coordinating resources across the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs and the justice community, the Diagnostic Center helps communities to maximize the technical assistance available to them. Working with a variety of groups, the Diagnostic Center ensures data collection is comprehensive and recommendations are realistic. The Diagnostic Center also works with states, cities, counties and tribal communities to build their capacity to act independently and use data to inform future decisions regarding justice solutions.

We work with our partners to ensure that communities requesting assistance receive the support they need, from the organizations that know their needs. Our partners range from local justice organizations to faith-based groups, from federal government agencies to local police departments.

Partnerships power our training and technical assistance. Does your organization work for data-driven justice reform? Are you a community member seeking to partner with organizations that can help you achieve your community’s justice needs? Reach out to us today to discuss how the Diagnostic Center can work with you to reach your goals.