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August 3, 2017

Trauma compels us to protect ourselves from threats both real and imagined; it encompasses any event that makes individuals feel their lives or the lives of someone they love are in danger. Any traumatic event represents a broad spectrum of situations that transcend race, age and socio-economic status. The complexity of trauma is why there are many terms to define it.

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Social Network Analysis

One of the greatest assets a police department has to reduce crime is an engaged community. Citizens who cooperate with and support their law enforcement agency are more likely to call, tweet, message or text officers when something is amiss; they will work with officers to prevent and solve crime. This critical problem-solving partnership is the foundation for improving public safety. In many cases a police department relies on information from community members to solve serious and violent crimes, and the flow of that information is best when the community is positively engaged with the law enforcement agency.

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Officer Safety

Concern for law enforcement officer safety and wellness has grown markedly over the past several years—and with good reason. Reports of officer risk, vulnerability and injury from ambushes and attacks are on the rise.

Officer Wellness
Data-based Justice Solutions
Gun Crime
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Since the mid-1990s, violent crime in the United States has decreased 29 percent. Despite this significant drop, there are pockets in our nation where violence thrives and extraordinarily high levels of homicides, assaults and gun crimes occur.

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Today, our country has a strong support system for families of missing children. Law enforcement is better trained. We have better laws, better technology. AMBER Alerts and social media have energized the public. As a result, more of the 460,000 children reported missing to law enforcement every year come home.

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Sexual Assault

The National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) comprehensive, professional and independent investigations of plane crashes has greatly improved the safety of U.S. commercial aviation.[i] Teamwork among airlines is common as they share vital crash data.

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Youth Violence

Youth violence is not inevitable. It is preventable. Working together, communities can stop youth violence before it starts. Significant, broad and lasting prevention requires a comprehensive approach. No single program or organization can do it alone. Preventing youth violence involves collaboration among many sectors—including justice, public health, social services, education and business.