U.S. Department of Justice Announces Creation of National Public Safety Partnership to Combat Violent Crime

A hammer and gavel, representing Justice.

In June 2017, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) established the National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) to reduce violent crime in America. 

PSP provides an innovative framework for DOJ to enhance its support of state, tribal and local enforcement officers and prosecutors in the investigation, prosecution and deterrence of violent crime, especially crime related to gun violence, gangs and drug trafficking. Based on lessons learned from a pilot concept knows as the Violence Reduction Network (VRN), PSP serves as a platform for DOJ to directly engage with cities to identify and prioritize resources that will help local communities address their violent crime issues. PSP has two distinct levels of engagement: Diagnostic and Operations. These two complementary levels of engagement are offered based on the needs of the jurisdiction. Under PSP, the OJP Diagnostic Center will help cities refine and implement violence reduction strategies to combat violent crime and officer safety.

Twelve cities have been selected to receive this assistance and additional cities are expected to be announced this calendar year. For more information on PSP and the work being done to reduce violent crime and enhance public safety, visit: www.nationalpublicsafetypartnership.org.