Beginners Guide to Hiring Divorce Lawyer


These Pieces of Advice on When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer Could Change Your Life

If you want to get divorced, well and good!

I know that not pretty, but for sure it’s happening for a reason. Every single person that wants to go through a divorce has a right to do that.

That’s okay!

But as great as this seems, and there is an opportunity, you may find both of you overwhelmed by the process. This is the reason to why you need a legal professional when embarking on a divorce.

Divorce is never easy.

You may have this question in mind, “What does divorce lawyer cost?” The answer may be that you can’t afford to hire one. Then, if this is the case and it’s unavoidable, you have to face the bull by its horns. So, you should arm yourself with knowledge and facts to protect yourself against any underhanded tactics by your ex to be.


The question of why you need a divorce attorney will depend on the specific situation and the laws governing divorce cases in your state.

This article will help you answer your endless questions. How often will I be able to see my kids? How will I determine what property will be on my side? The fact is, the mental, financial and psychological confusion related to divorce creates a lot of questions.

Keep reading to have your questions answered; this includes when divorce lawyers are no exception and how to get started when searching for a divorce lawyer.

Though you were once a unit, this is a time for you to become two individuals again. So, what should you do? When are you supposed to hire an attorney to represent you in the court?

Let’s see:

When Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer for Your Case?

Generally speaking, if there are problems related to personal abuse, sexual abuse, or one party being vindictive about specific issues, you may want to hire an attorney to help you approach the process professionally.

Besides, one of the parties may be hiding your marital assets, or even mismanaging funds.

If you happen to sense some of these unforeseen complications, then you should check your case and know where you are heading to before you begin working on anything.

Be assured that a fair negotiation will be impossible

Again, if your spouse hires an attorney, do yourself a favor and hire one to level the playing field.

Three Signs which state that you need to consult an Attorney.

  1. A child custody dispute: When a child is involved, everything changes, including the way you approach the divorce case. Unfortunately, most parents end up fighting over custody. But, some negotiate coolly on the terms relating to custody and visitation, though this is not the norm.
  2. There is violence in your relationship: When one of the parties has been intimidating and dominating, it becomes tough for them to communicate on equal grounds when it comes to divorce. Thus, if no legal counsel is present, this abusive party may negotiate an unfair deal.
  3. You are having a nasty divorce: Obviously, if both parties are not getting along, there is no way they will have a rational divorce. There will be endless dispute all along. Hiring an attorney will ensure you are not taken for a ride by your ex to be.


Why You May Need a Divorce Lawyer to Solve Your Case.

These days there is a lot of information on the internet, from blogs or divorce websites. With this, you may find that you have gotten the wrong advice and made mistakes while filing the divorce.

Besides, you may also wrongly interpret your state divorce laws and hence lose your legal rights to the marital property.

Though some of the states don’t need one to hire an attorney, it has proved to be one of the best ways to protect your interests in the event of ending a marriage.


There are so many benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer. Let’s see why you need to hire one as it makes sense.

Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

  1. A divorce lawyer will explain your rights: You will have access to expert advice. It doesn’t matter how educated the two parties are; the chances are that they may not be aware of what the divorce entails.

You may say, “I need this case solved as quickly as possible”. Can I get a divorce lawyer near me?”

You are right!

A local divorce lawyer knows the law in depths. This is because someone in your state may be more familiar with the requirements needed.

The attorney near you has also gained some experience due to frequent exposure of handling any divorce case.

  1. A Peaceful Divorce Process: Though divorce can be the most challenging transition in life, especially when both parties have anger and kids are involved, the proceedings can run smooth.

Having a divorce lawyer will ensure that you approach your divorce in a saner and informed standpoint. Thus you will have an emotionally, physically and financially improved outcome.

  1. A Quick Process: An attorney can help you speed up the divorce process. A case that takes time can be tiring and expensive. But, attorneys have a way of speeding up the process as this is their work to do so.

How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer for Your Legal Needs

You can be able to look out for a lawyer who best suits your needs and can run you through the divorce process smoothly. I will highlight what to look for when you are searching for one.

There are some few steps you need to carry out when choosing your attorney. Some of the individuals have spent a lot of money and time while choosing their right divorce lawyer. You don’t have to be among them.

Stay enlightened!

5 Steps to Hiring Your Divorce Lawyer

  1. Conduct a Search.

I know by now both parties have decided enough is enough and you have decided to look for an attorney. Conducting a search on whether you need a lawyer should be the first step. Yet, an individual should be able to agree on their own.

  1. Ask for Recommendations.

It is advisable to ask for recommendations such as,” Can I get a divorce lawyer near me? I bet you have families and friends who live locally. They might know some of the lawyers who could be having the professional services you need.

Having an attorney whom you can relate well is the best in dealing with a divorce case. But this depends on individual circumstances.

  1. Search for the Relevant Information Online.

The Internet can do wonders as you can get all the information you need on the best legal experts. There are also reviews that you can use to decide on the best attorney to handle your case.

An example of a website where you can be assured of getting the right information is the American Bar Association’s Division for Legal Services. You can also search by your state or city; you will find a list of lawyers in your area.

  1. Consider Your Budget

You will find that most of the attorney’s charges a simple flat rate for the divorce cases. Others bill by hours, but this depends on how complicated your case is because the case has issues, the less likely you are to be offered a flat rate.

Again, if you happen to be dealing with one of the best legal firms, your legal fees can be high.

If you think the cost of divorce is beyond your means, you may consider requesting the court to order the other party to pay for the divorce costs.


  1. Make an Appointment with the Divorce Lawyers you have selected to make Your Choice.

At this point, I bet you have already narrowed down a list of divorce lawyers whom you want to interview. Making an appointment would be the last thing you want to do to have that one attorney who meets all your expectations.

Refuse the urge to hire any attorney you meet. Some can just persuade you to sign up as a client as they think it’s a sales pitch.


As you can see, there are some steps required when choosing the best attorney. With this, you may find yourself pondering on this question, “What questions should I ask in the initial consultation?

Wait, everything is right here with you!


What to Ask a Divorce Lawyer at First Meeting

Mostly, the initial consultation is the only opportunity that you have to seize your potential attorney. These questions can help you determine when you are about to select your best divorce lawyer.

Generally, there are so many questions one can ask, but most of the questions relate to child custody and financial issues

  1. What experience do you have in this type of legal matter, and how long you been practicing?

You expect to find so many nuances in most of the divorce proceedings. Thus, you expect your lawyer to be familiar with every option.

No one would want to see a brain surgeon for a sprained ankle, so why should you hire a tax lawyer to handle your divorce case? Again, you may not be comfortable with a paralegal, though he/she may be trained in subsidiary legal matters.


  1. How often do I expect the communication about my case?

If you find the lawyer struggling to answer this question, know that he/she is a poor communicator. The reason is if a case is more complex, you may expect a lot of communication to take place.

  1. Do you have testimonials or reviews from your former clients?

These testimonials could be in or outside the lawyer’s website. You should ask the lawyer whether they are from former clients.

In some cases, you may find that the reviews are not from actual clients. With this, you can know the kind of person you are dealing with.

  1. Are you the one who will be working on my case?

Many people underestimate the importance of this question.

It’s important to know whether the attorney you are dealing with is the one to work on your case. While I know there are trained paralegals out there; I don’t believe a reputable family law firm can delegate any case to non-attorneys.

But, this depends on your comfort level.

  1. How much do I expect in terms of my divorce cost?

The first question to come in mind before the consultation is, “How much are divorce lawyer fees?”

Most of the divorce lawyers say it’s impossible to give an estimate of the cost due to unpredictable variances which can increase the value of the divorce case.


No divorce lawyer will honestly give you the exact cost. However, if you are dealing with a knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer, you can get an estimate-ballpark estimate, of the fee they charge under different situations.

  1. What are my chances of obtaining the legal custody of my children? Will it be sole legal or joint custody?

The divorce lawyer should be able to analyze the issues regarding parenting guidelines and the different custody plans available in your state.

  1. How will the marital assets be split?

Mostly, there are divorce laws which govern how the assets will be allocated between the parties involved. However, this varies from state to state.

A good divorce lawyer will be able to explain the legal framework involved in splitting marital assets in your local area or state.


Once You Decide To Hire

By taking the above information, you will have a full understanding of what the entire work entails. After selecting the best lawyer, he or she should provide the right documents with written explanations, the cost, and timeline of any meetings and any other relevant information needed.

Divorce can be a tedious and stressful moment- the reason why divorce lawyers are there. They give the divorcing parties a shoulder to lean on during these awkward moments.

Thus, selecting a divorce lawyer with legal skills that best suits your needs is the only option.

Divorce Lawyers Demand

Dealing with legal questions requires that individuals understand the trends or the popularity of the legal firms they are dealing with.

Thus, you will find that depending on the type of legal issues one is dealing with, accessing data using Google is very easy.

This is the reason why I always recommend people to use widgets to find information of the lawyers who are dealing with their legal questions.

If you are in thinking of divorce, you better take a course of action today and get in touch with an experienced divorce lawyer near you.  Searching for lawyers in your area is simple. You only need to search for the below icon on the internet and enter your zip code.

Happy searching!


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